The H2020 funded REMOURBAN project had the ambition to accelerate the deployment of innovative technologies, organizational and economic solutions to increase energy efficiency, improve the sustainability of urban transport and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas. It selected 3 lighthouse cities to implement these goals in : Valladolid (Spain), Nottingham (UK) and Tepebasi (Turkey).

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BABLE Solutions: Smart Cities - Europe

To provide effective electric vehicles and charging stations for cities, the BABLE project created their Investment package for Smart Cities (ISC) tool, which offers cities an innovative financing instrument that simplifies the process in looking to implement sustainable and smart urban solutions. The scheme will initially focus on urban electric fleet procurement and financing. The ultimate goal is to develop a digital tool that will coordinate investment solutions by screening the market for suppliers of EVs and related infrastructure, coordinating options for packaged solution bundles, providing support in acquiring capital/financing and closing the transactions.

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The Green PB: Lisbon - Portugal

The city of Lisbon launched The Lisbon Climate Citizen Commitment, a local government-led initiative that put together climate projects into its Participatory Budget via a “Green Seal”. The Green Seal was a platform that made Lisbon’s Commitment for Resilience to Climate Change material and attracted new private funding sources.
In order to implement commitments, Lisbon launched its Green Participatoy Budget (PB), a new variant on its traditional PB, doubling its value from 2.5 million in 2019 to 5 million in 2020. The Green PB follows the same civil society engagement process as the traditional PB, with the main difference that, throughout its annual cycle, participants can present projects which have measurable and achievable climate mitigation and/or adaptation goals and targets. All the selected projects related to environment and climate change were awarded Lisbon’s “Green Seal”, including two projects related to mobility with bike lanes and green spaces.

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Transforming Transport: Valladolid - Spain

TRANSFORMING TRANSPORT demonstrates, in a realistic, measurable, and replicable way the transformations that Big Data will bring to the mobility and logistics market. It addresses 7 pilot domains of major importance for the mobility and logistics sector in Europe: Smart Highways/ Sustainable Vehicle Fleets/ Proactive Rail Infrastructures/ Ports as Intelligent Logistics Hubs/Efficient Air Transport/Multi-modal Urban Mobility/ Dynamic Supply Chains. The consortium combines knowledge and solutions of major European ICT and Big Data technology providers together with the competence and experience of key European industry players in mobility.

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REMOURBAN: Incentives for e-mobility in Valladolid- Spain

The REMOURBAN project focuses on the welfare of citizens within the sustainability framework of a smart city and aimed to develop and validate a number of innovative technologies plus organisational and economic solutions to meet the needs of the energy, mobility and ICT sectors. The sustainable mobility initiative implementation used a framework agreement to get the data required by EU funding and to enable monitoring of electric vehicle use and user experience.

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PE4PTRANS: Public Engagement for Sustainable Public Transport - Europe

PE4Trans addresses the issue of potential for improvement of public transport policies by including citizens to the process of design and implementation of sustainable transport strategies and plans with the view to change peoples’ mobility habits and routines incorporating findings of behavioural sciences.

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