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Green Energy Cooperative, Križevci - Croatia

In 2018, Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) launched the first crowd-investing initiative in Croatia, supported by Križevci local authorities. A solar PV system was installed on the rooftop of Križevci’s Development Center and Technology Park’s administrative building.
ZEZ was a mentor in PROSPECT, and in 2022, the city of Križevci joins PROSPECT+ with their project "Sunny Roofs".

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BAPAURA - France

BAPAURA is a three-year project focusing on facilitating the refurbishment of public buildings in small and midsize municipalities in Auvergne Rhone-Alpes region. Small and mdeium sized regions often overlook the energy efficiency portion of their works due to high costs of setting-up such projects.
This project is fully funded by the European program for research and innovation Horizon 2020 (total budget: €1 475 594).

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MARTE Project: Marche Region - Italy

The MARTE project (Marche Region Technical assistance for healthcare buildings Energy retrofit) took place in the Marche Region (Italy) and operated an innovative financing model for energy efficiency in 5 healthcare buildings.
The financing framework was combined with EU technical assistance and structural funds. The framework applied EPC (Energy Performance Contracts) via “Energy Service Plus” contracts to the heating system of healthcare buildings in the Marche Region.

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PRODESA - Greece

PRODESA aims to assist 7 municipalities in Athens Metropolitan Area to begin energy efficiency and renewable energy projects,using innovative financial tools and attracting private investments.
To achieve its objectives, the project focuses on optimal bundling of the fragmented municipal projects to achieve considerable size, reasonable payback time and risk diversification. Resources will be used to optimize financial results for all parties and to ensure high participation of ESCOs in the tenders.
PRODESA is the first to aim to create a network of at least 30 municipalities in Greece that will be supported in order to replicate the results.

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Albertville - France

Intracting is a process that enhances energy performance by collecting savings from auto financing measures for new energy savings. This practice presents itself as a municipal fund implemented by financial services, which grants loans to technical services for energy savings projects.
These funds are actived by savings and applied to new measures which then generate their own energy savings. These funds grow over the years generating new resources due the multiplifying effect and reduction of energy spendings that they generate.

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Fund of Energy Savings and Renewables: Litoměřice - Czech Republic

The Fund was established by a Local Authority, the City of Litoměřice, in 2014 as a part of its internal budget. The Fund aims to reduce long-term operating energy costs of the Local Authority and assets it runs, such as schools, museums and libraries by implementing energy efficient measures and installing renewable energy sources with a minimum impact on the municipal budget. Each year net savings are calculated and distributed according to an agreed formula among various levels of the Local Authority. Savings are reinvested in new sustainable energy projects.

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Municipality of Maribor - Slovenia

Municipality of Maribor with energy performing contracting implemented the biggest energy renovation project in the region in 2019. 24 public buildings were energy refurbished (schools, kindergartens, sport halls). Its implementation was followed by many stakeholders and media and is a good practice in the country. The cost of the project was 12 mil EUR. Yearly energy consumption was reduced by 5.952 MWh, energy costs by 446.000 EUR, maintenance costs by 28.500 EUR and CO2 emissions by 1.305 tonnes.

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Municipality of Radlje ob Dravi - Slovenia

Energy performance contracting in the form of public private partnership model is well known to be used in public and private buildings. To be used in the building that is owned both by public and private partner is technically possible but needs more coordination and understanding for all partners. Municipality of Radlje ob Dravi has decided to use EPC model in such building. Municipal administration, with the help of energy agency, was able to manage and coordinate the project's implementation and they have successfully realized it. They have newly renovated building in the town centre used for library, shop and caffe.

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