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BAPAURA - France

BAPAURA is a three-year project focusing on facilitating the refurbishment of public buildings in small and midsize municipalities in Auvergne Rhone-Alpes region. Small and mdeium sized regions often overlook the energy efficiency portion of their works due to high costs of setting-up such projects.
This project is fully funded by the European program for research and innovation Horizon 2020 (total budget: €1 475 594).

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PRODESA - Greece

PRODESA aims to assist 7 municipalities in Athens Metropolitan Area to begin energy efficiency and renewable energy projects,using innovative financial tools and attracting private investments.
To achieve its objectives, the project focuses on optimal bundling of the fragmented municipal projects to achieve considerable size, reasonable payback time and risk diversification. Resources will be used to optimize financial results for all parties and to ensure high participation of ESCOs in the tenders.
PRODESA is the first to aim to create a network of at least 30 municipalities in Greece that will be supported in order to replicate the results.

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Dolomites - Italy

Within the 3L Project (Less Energy, Less Costs, Less Impact), 29 Municipalities of the Belluno province will be able to energetically redevelop 60 buildings and 17,000 street lighting points, as well as 10 technical institutes and hotel schools.
Edison Facility Solutions SpA, offered over € 11 million of investment, of which € 7 million for municipal buildings and just over € 4 million reserved for provincial school buildings. The ESCo guarantees 52% of overall energy savings, of which 5%, just under 90,000 €. At the end of the contracts, in 15 years, 100% of the savings will be attributed to the consortium members.

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Transforming Transport: Valladolid - Spain

TRANSFORMING TRANSPORT demonstrates, in a realistic, measurable, and replicable way the transformations that Big Data will bring to the mobility and logistics market. It addresses 7 pilot domains of major importance for the mobility and logistics sector in Europe: Smart Highways/ Sustainable Vehicle Fleets/ Proactive Rail Infrastructures/ Ports as Intelligent Logistics Hubs/Efficient Air Transport/Multi-modal Urban Mobility/ Dynamic Supply Chains. The consortium combines knowledge and solutions of major European ICT and Big Data technology providers together with the competence and experience of key European industry players in mobility.

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