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Green Energy Cooperative, Križevci - Croatia

In 2018, Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) launched the first crowd-investing initiative in Croatia, supported by Križevci local authorities. A solar PV system was installed on the rooftop of Križevci’s Development Center and Technology Park’s administrative building.
ZEZ was a mentor in PROSPECT, and in 2022, the city of Križevci joins PROSPECT+ with their project "Sunny Roofs".

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MARTE Project: Marche Region - Italy

The MARTE project (Marche Region Technical assistance for healthcare buildings Energy retrofit) took place in the Marche Region (Italy) and operated an innovative financing model for energy efficiency in 5 healthcare buildings.
The financing framework was combined with EU technical assistance and structural funds. The framework applied EPC (Energy Performance Contracts) via “Energy Service Plus” contracts to the heating system of healthcare buildings in the Marche Region.

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SCORE Project - Europe

SCORE is funded by the European Union under its HORIZON 2020programme, facilitating consumers to become (co-)owners ofrenewable energies. The project took place in different cities in:
- Susa Valley, Italy (Biomass)
- Prague, Czech Republic (Solar PV)
- Essen, Germany (Solar PV)
The participating local and regional authorities as well as existinglocal energy projects receive legal and technical assistance for atailor-made participation model. Renewable Energy Clusters (RECs) can be seen as the prototype governance model of an emergingform of energy systems and will typically include demand flexibilityand energy efficiency (EE) measures, storage and peer-to-peertrading within energy Communities, and between energycommunities and the market.

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The H2020 funded REMOURBAN project had the ambition to accelerate the deployment of innovative technologies, organizational and economic solutions to increase energy efficiency, improve the sustainability of urban transport and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas. It selected 3 lighthouse cities to implement these goals in : Valladolid (Spain), Nottingham (UK) and Tepebasi (Turkey).

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The Green PB: Lisbon - Portugal

The city of Lisbon launched The Lisbon Climate Citizen Commitment, a local government-led initiative that put together climate projects into its Participatory Budget via a “Green Seal”. The Green Seal was a platform that made Lisbon’s Commitment for Resilience to Climate Change material and attracted new private funding sources.
In order to implement commitments, Lisbon launched its Green Participatoy Budget (PB), a new variant on its traditional PB, doubling its value from 2.5 million in 2019 to 5 million in 2020. The Green PB follows the same civil society engagement process as the traditional PB, with the main difference that, throughout its annual cycle, participants can present projects which have measurable and achievable climate mitigation and/or adaptation goals and targets. All the selected projects related to environment and climate change were awarded Lisbon’s “Green Seal”, including two projects related to mobility with bike lanes and green spaces.

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The Streetlight-EPC Project - Europe

The project "STREETLIGHT-EPC" had the goal of creating demand and supply for EPC projects in 9 regions by setting up regional EPC facilitation services. They provided comprehensive support to municipalities and to SMEs as potential ESCOs.
The project ran from 1st April 2014 until 31st March 2017. The facilitation services are being continued by the regional partners.

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PM4PM - Estonia

The PM4PM Project (Preparation and Mobilisation of Financing for Sustainable Energy Investments in Primorska Region Municipalities) financed sustainable projects in 5 sectors within 33 municipilaties,through the ELENA Grant from 2016 to 2019. PM4PM operated in the following sectors:
- Building Retrofit: improving the energy efficiency of public buildings in municipalities with the most energy saving potential.
- District Heating: renovation of existing small-scale district heating systems and installation of new ones.
- Street Lighting: improving the energy efficiency of street lighting systems.
- Clean Transport: introduction of electric vehicle charging stations, electric vehicles for public services, and compressed natural gas stations.
- Local Energy-Efficient Utilities: energy management and optimisation of infrastructure systems operation.

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Albertville - France

Intracting is a process that enhances energy performance by collecting savings from auto financing measures for new energy savings. This practice presents itself as a municipal fund implemented by financial services, which grants loans to technical services for energy savings projects.
These funds are actived by savings and applied to new measures which then generate their own energy savings. These funds grow over the years generating new resources due the multiplifying effect and reduction of energy spendings that they generate.

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