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Aradippou - Cyprus

Aradippou’s solution was an initiative from the city council including the technoeconomic support of the EU Affairs Advisor of the Municipality. Under the scheme envisaged by the municipality, citizens will be rewarded for their solar PV investments by receiving payments on a municipality coordinated credit card called the “Oxygen Rewards Card”.
The purpose of the card is to link local citizens’ PV investments, and the associated emissions reductions, with actors purchasing carbon offsets on compliance or voluntary carbon markets. It would ideally become a permanent municipal service through its One-Stop-Shop with reductions in CO2 emissions regularly reported and verified by local energy auditors.

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Dolomites - Italy

Within the 3L Project (Less Energy, Less Costs, Less Impact), 29 Municipalities of the Belluno province will be able to energetically redevelop 60 buildings and 17,000 street lighting points, as well as 10 technical institutes and hotel schools.
Edison Facility Solutions SpA, offered over € 11 million of investment, of which € 7 million for municipal buildings and just over € 4 million reserved for provincial school buildings. The ESCo guarantees 52% of overall energy savings, of which 5%, just under 90,000 €. At the end of the contracts, in 15 years, 100% of the savings will be attributed to the consortium members.

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PM4PM - Estonia

The PM4PM Project (Preparation and Mobilisation of Financing for Sustainable Energy Investments in Primorska Region Municipalities) financed sustainable projects in 5 sectors within 33 municipilaties,through the ELENA Grant from 2016 to 2019. PM4PM operated in the following sectors:
- Building Retrofit: improving the energy efficiency of public buildings in municipalities with the most energy saving potential.
- District Heating: renovation of existing small-scale district heating systems and installation of new ones.
- Street Lighting: improving the energy efficiency of street lighting systems.
- Clean Transport: introduction of electric vehicle charging stations, electric vehicles for public services, and compressed natural gas stations.
- Local Energy-Efficient Utilities: energy management and optimisation of infrastructure systems operation.

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Albertville - FRANCE

Intracting is a process that enhances energy performance by collecting savings from auto financing measures for new energy savings. This practice presents itself as a municipal fund implemented by financial services, which grants loans to technical services for energy savings projects.
These funds are actived by savings and applied to new measures which then generate their own energy savings. These funds grow over the years generating new resources due the multiplifying effect and reduction of energy spendings that they generate.

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