Policy Dialogue


We strive to ensure that recommendations and concerns from public authorities reach decision-makers, paving the way for improved policy incentives and conditions, and fostering interest in innovative financing instruments for climate and energy.  

Our policy dialogue is based on the feedback we get from public authorities about the actual opportunities to access appropriate financing for implementing sustainable energy projects. We regularly consult Prospect+ Alumni and the Community of Practice members. 

Join the consultations

If you would like to share your suggestions and concerns about the future of funding your region's projects, or if you would like to join policy-focused discussions and events, contribute your input here.  

You don't need to be a senior expert in the field - as long as you have been involved in climate and energy-related projects and can share your observations about the impact of public authorities' access to appropriate funding and financing. 

What will happen with your feedback? 

We will organise policy-focused events in order to facilitate public authorities' access to more financing options, sharing your positions, and recommendations and flagging up the barriers you face when looking for financing for your projects. We will also organise or participate in various international events in Brussels and internationally, where we will bring attention to your needs, challenges, concerns and advice.  

More information

For information about our policy dialogue events, check our News section and LinkedIn page regularly. 

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