PROSPECT+ Masterclass was a success!

PROSPECT+ Masterclass was a success!

On 28th Nov 2023

The PROSPECT+ Masterclass successfully brought together more than 15 local and regional authorities from across Europe, all united in their eagerness to develop robust investment concepts and advance sustainable energy projects.

On the 26th of October 2023, the masterclass commenced with a warm welcome and introduction by Diana Prsancova of FEDARENE, setting the stage for a day filled with insights and collaborative opportunities.

Learning outcomes

The European City Facility provided valuable insights into investment concepts, offering participants a deeper understanding of bridging the gap between planning and implementation in sustainable energy projects. This session, led by Francisco Gonçalves and Carolina Borges, laid the foundation for the day's discussions.

Stefano Capuzzi from the European Investment Bank shed light on the ELENA facility, emphasizing the significance of bundling projects when preparing an investment programme. The discussion highlighted strategies to enhance the impact of investment programs in the pursuit of sustainable energy.

Ryan McManus from Bankers without Boundaries provided a valuable perspective on identifying bankable projects, particularly through the Smart City Marketplace. The session illuminated the viewpoint of investors, offering participants insights into what makes projects appealing from a financial standpoint.

Megan Gignac of the Upper Austria Regional Energy Agency led a session on achieving success in Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) projects, offering a step-by-step guide.

Adrien Bullier from CINEA - European Climate, Infrastructure, and Environment Executive Agency, showcased how European-funded projects, specifically from the LIFE Programme, can support local and regional authorities in setting up robust investment concepts. This segment highlighted the collaborative efforts between public authorities and funding initiatives.

Exclusive PROSPECT+ Masterclass

The exclusive PROSPECT+ Masterclass continued with a standing lunch, providing a relaxed setting for participants to exchange insights.

In conclusion, the PROSPECT+ Masterclass proved to be a valuable platform for local and regional authorities to gain insights, share experiences, and pave the way for successful sustainable energy projects. The event not only educated participants but also fostered networking and collaboration, contributing to the collective advancement of energy efficiency initiatives.

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