ManagEnergy webinar: Priority investments to REPower your territory

ManagEnergy webinar: Priority investments to REPower your territory

On 17th Nov 2023

The Ukrainian conflict brought forward an energy crisis and emphasised Europe's dependence on Russia and foreign supplies of fossil fuels. This crisis strengthened public support for the transition of Europe's economies to green energies as a means of overcoming our energy dependence.

In that context, eighteen months ago, the European Commission launched the REPowerEU, an ambitious plan to reduce EU dependence on fossil-fuel imports and accelerate the green transition. Three main actions were put forward: diversifying energy supplies, producing clean energy, and reducing gas demand by saving energy.

Delivering on these objectives is now crucial, and local and regional energy agencies are in a unique position to advise public authorities, citizens, and companies on what measures to take in order to mitigate the impact on energy security and price and also to perform effective fuel switches in the short and medium term.

ManagEnergy online webinar

In this scope, ManagEnergy, as the leading European initiative dedicated to regional and local energy agencies, decided to develop its services in that direction. During this webinar, you will be introduced to our renewed services in the scope of the REPowerEU general framework and learn how they will contribute to its implementation.

The seminar will showcase immediate actions taken at the local level to address the current energy crisis and lay the ground for up-scaling and accelerating the medium-term energy transition. Particular attention will be given to the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience plans, specifically its new REPowerEU components, and how local and regional energy agencies can maximise the channelling of these funds towards strategic programmes leveraging other sources of financing.

Register for the event happening on Friday 24 November 2023, 10:00 - 11:00 (CET).






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