This section contains the public reports, describing in detail the results and the progress achieved so far during the implementation of PROSPECT. Here you can find thorough data regarding the various PROSPECT activities, such as engagement campaigns, learning cycles and dissemination processes. The herein presented Reports will be regularly updated, helping all stakeholders keep track of the peer to peer learning programme.

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Engagement process in peer to peer learning activities

Report on selection process from ongoing needs assessments

This document aims at providing an overview of the needs and barriers that local authorities face when financing their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs). View report

Report on best practices to feed in the learning programme

This report aims to provide support to the PROSPECT learning modules, by offering a wide range of best practice examples, which can be used by the PROSPECT learning participants as a reference for facilitating learning in the peer to peer exchanges. View report

Needs assessment of local and regional authorities

This document is short version of Deliverable 2.5 which has a detailed update of initial findings, based on the lessons learnt during the PROSPECT project (running between 2017 and 2020), of a needs assessment, provides an overview of the needs and findings of public authorities, and comes up with conclusions and recommendations for the future. View report

Summary of peer to peer learning objectives for all mentees

The objectives of the report are the following: Identify the beneficiaries (geographical location, size, type) of the Prospect learning programme (both mentors and mentees); Highlight mentees’ main priority learning objectives (sector and type of financing scheme). View report

Development of the PROSPECT Learning Programme

Content for Learning Modules

This report aims at providing a detailed description of the 5 Learning Modules (Public Buildings, Private Buildings, Transport, Public Lighting, Cross Sectoral) of the Learning Programme, emphasising on their special features (e.g. barriers, typical projects, funding sources, best practices). View report

Guidance Notes for Facilitators

The report details the step-by-step guidance process and covers all the practical information, including tools and resources, for the PROSPECT learning programme that participants need to know and accomplish – from getting started and working together to meeting up and moving forward. View report

Detailed Structure and Plan for the Learning Programme

Τhis report on Detailed Structure and Plan for the Learning Programme details the structure and activities of the learning programme as well as the roles and responsibilities of the participants. It informs the step-by-step process and covers all the practical information by presenting the tools and resources that are used by the participants throughout the programme. View report

Report on Certification Framework

Offering a certification in the context of the peer-to-peer learning programme PROSPECT offers added value for both participants and the project consortium. Participants will receive a reward for participating in the programme. The value of the certificate is further intended to exceed the scope of the project by not only acknowledging participation but by evaluating learning outcomes. View report

Report on Setting up Peer to Peer Powered Cities and Regions

The development of the learning program is the foundation of the PROSPECT project. This report provides the objectives and methodology, outputs delivered and implementation plan, lessons learned and conclusions in setting up a peer-to-peer learning program. View report