Public Lighting

Gunskirchen Austria

Energy Performance Contracts

Annual Energy savings: 78,300 kWh

Public Lighting

Comprehensive refurbishment of the public lighting system of the Municipality of Gunskirchen



  • Comprehensive refurbishment of the public lighting system (80 % of the municipality's total street lighting system, 727 lighting points) to LED
  • Energy performance contracting.
  • Characteristics:

    Energy efficiency improvement measures often require significant upfront investments. In many cases, Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) can offer a solution to overcome this obstacle. A well-functioning contracting market can contribute to achieving significant increase in energy efficiency and long-term energy and cost savings. Upper Austria was the first region to implement a dedicated programme to overcome barriers of Energy Contracting market development. The regional government started its first programme for EPC market development in 1998.

    • The programme supports energy efficiency projects and investments in renewable energy technologies in the public and business sectors.
    • Strong supporting facilitation service (information & advice services offered by the regional energy agency).
    • Financial incentive offered by the regional government.
    • This has led to a functional and well developed EPC market in Upper Austria with many EPC projects implemented each year.
    • Total investment: 796,400 Euro

    Annual Savings:

  • Energy: 78,300 kWh
  • Energy costs: 12,500 Euro
  • Maintenance costs: 28,000 Euro
  • CO2 emissions: 36 tons


    Financing scheme:

    Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) - ESCO


    EPC market development


    The presence of a regional facilitation service, offered by the OÖ Energiesparverband (ESV) has shown to be a crucial factor in the positive development of the EPC market and the success of the Energy Contracting Programme.