Public Buildings

Dnipro Ukraine


Total energy savings 51MWh/a and energy cost redustion 1.5 mln euro/a

Public Buildings

Improvement of energy efficiency in public buildings of the city of Dnipro using energy-performance contracting



The overall goal of the project aimed at creating the suitable conditions for attracting the private investments to energy efficiency from savings. The specific objectives are:

  • Implement energy efficiency measures in public buildings and ensure meeting the indoor climate conditions from EBRD loan provided to municipality for municipal guarantee
  • Gain know how and practical experience in calculation of savings achieved after the thermal refurbishment as well as re-payment of savings to private ESCO companies.


The project intends to implement thermal refurbishment of 201 public buildings (mainly schools and kindergartens). The project is divided into 2 stages due to the number of objects. The expected savings:

  • Reduction of energy consumption for heating and hot water supply – 50.7 MWh/a
  • Reduction of power consumption – 0,8 MWh/a
  • CO2 emissions reduction – 14,157 tCO2/a
  • Total costs savings – 40,7 mln. UAH/a

The total project budget is 242,8 mln. UAH/a (20 mln. EUR EBRD loan + 2,5 mln. EUR E5P grant). The EBRD loan is provided for duration of 10 years The efficiency indicators of financial attractiveness of the project are calculated in feasibility study:

  • NPV – 65.2 mln UAH
  • IRR – 12%
  • DDP – 7,1 years

The list of typical EE measures includes:

  • Installation of individual heating substations
  • Improvement of internal heating system by insulation of pipes and application of modern regulation system and equipmen
  • Renovation of indoor and outdoor lightning by installation of LED;
  • Replacement of doors and windows
  • Insulation of walls, roof, basement


Financing scheme:

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)





  • Assignment of sufficient human resources to the project
  • Energy data available for all objects
  • Wide range awareness rising activities to gain the support of community