Who can join? PROSPECT is open to all local authorities: cities, regions and their energy and climate agencies or municipal companies, from EU-28 countries + Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYRoM, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Moldova, Switzerland, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia. +info

PROSPECT will offer 3 learning cycles. +info The engagement campaign for the first edition of the PROSPECT learning programme attracted over 60 cities, regions and energy agencies from 21 countries!

The second PROSPECT engagement campaign is now closed. Please contact the Helpdesk for any questions.

Before submitting your application, we recommend you to read:


Apply as a Mentor

A mentor is an individual who represents a team within an organisation which has expertise in using innovative financing schemes for implementation of sustainable energy and climate action projects. As a mentor, you will share your knowledge and be engaged in a meaningful relationship with one or more peers. You will also be supported by a facilitator from PROSPECT, who will help you in conducting the learning programme and interacting with the mentees. This mentoring experience offers many benefits for mentors, such as:+info

  • Showcasing achievements of their cities or regions at European level Improving their mentoring and leadership skills
  • Being recognised for future ‘expert’ positions, thanks to a certification process
  • Getting additional feedback on their projects by confronting your experience with peers working on the same issues
  • Seeing things from a different angle and reflecting on future challenges
  • Having the chance of participating in further study visits organised by other mentors

We will feature your city or region as a best practice on innovative financing and give it visibility in our PROSPECT communication materials and mentors' corner! PROSPECT will also offer its mentor cities and regions the possibility to take part for free in one of the study visits organised in the learning programmes.



Apply as a Mentee

A mentee is an individual representing a local or regional authority interested in implementing its sustainable energy and climate action plans. As a mentee, you will learn from an experienced peer on how to finance a sustainable energy project using an innovative financing scheme. Through this peer-to-peer learning experience, the mentees will have the opportunity to:+info

  • Learn from other projects implemented in Europe and apply what they learned in their own context
  • Get tailor-made assistance adapted to their learning objectives and needs
  • Confront ideas with peers, share their experience and challenge their knowledge to come up with new solutions
  • Get direct access to a network of cities, regions, and energy agencies facing similar challenges

Learn how to use innovative financing schemes to overcome challenges by engaging with an experienced peer! You will be able to establish and express clearly your personal learning objectives – from the time you apply until you meet and discuss with your mentor. Furthermore, PROSPECT will feature your city or region as a participant of the learning programme.