ESV mentoring in PROSPECT Learning Cycle 2

Author: Anja Gahleitner (Facilitator Prospect)

In the context of a four step learning programme offered by the Prospect project, the mentor regional energy agency of Upper Austria (ESV) is sharing its expertise on financing and implementing successful EPC streetlighting projects with the mentees Municipality of Nizhyn (Ukraine), the Municipality of Vaslui (Romania) and the Municipality of Burgas (Bulgaria). This constitutes the 6th Group for Public Lighting. The peer learning activities will be focalised on Energy Performance Contracting (EPC).+Mentors' Corner

Interviews conducted by the PROSPECT team with representatives from cities, regions and local energy agencies in order to identify public authorities’ needs and knowledge gaps for sustainable energy and climate financing; namely, those of municipalities, provinces, regions and energy agencies, as a starting point for the elaboration and further reinforcement of the peer to peer learning programme implemented in PROSPECT.

On 5th and 6th July 2017 the PROSPECT consortium met for the Kick off Meeting in Brussels, Belgium. The main objective was to launch PROSPECT and initiate the effective implementation of its goals and objectives. During the meeting, there were discussions about the engagement process in peer to peer learning activities and the development of the learning programme.