The engagement campaign for the second edition of the PROSPECT learning programme attracted around 100 cities, regions and energy agencies from over 20 countries, with Greece (24 applicants), Bulgaria (22 applicants) and Portugal (11 applicants) showing great interest!

KSSENA mentoring in PROSPECT Learning Cycle 1

How can public authorities finance and implement sustainable energy projects in the sector of public lighting? This was the main question raised by a group of public authorities who are among the first participants of PROSPECT: Peer Powered Cities and Regions, a peer-to-peer learning project facilitated and funded by the European Commission – Horizon 2020 Programme which focuses on sharing of knowledge, skills, and competencies among local and regional authorities.

Registration to the 2nd learning cycle of PROSPECT is now extended until the 26th of October!

AGENEAL mentoring in PROSPECT Learning Cycle 1

The Mentor ‘ AGENEAL - Local Energy Management Agency of Almada’ in Portugal and Mentee ‘Municipality of Heerlen’ in the Netherlands, of the Public Building Learning Group participated in the online session on the 11th of October 2018. +Mentors' Corner