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In the context of a four step learning programme offered by the Prospect project, the regional energy agency of Upper Austria (ESV) is sharing its expertise on financing and implementing successful EPC streetlighting projects with the Municipality of Nea Ionia (Greece), the Municipality of Irakleio Attica (Greece), the City of Khmelnytsky (Ukraine) and a project manager in the region south of Athens (Greece).

Our new library is out of the ordinary! Libraries are definitely not boring, and the Library page of the PROSPECT website is a proof of it. In it you will find useful information related with “Good Practices” of the sustainable energy and climate action plans, a “Mentors Corner” with detailed descriptions about the mentees’ projects and the “Participants Database” where you can find more detail information about all the PROSPECT participants and more information.

The street lighting refurbishment with LEDs is an energy efficiency improvement measure that often requires significant upfront investments. This is a major barrier for most municipalities in Europe. However, in many cases, EPC can offer a solution to overcome this obstacle. EnergaP, the Energy Agency of Podravje (Slovenia) knows this very well. Indeed, they have developed a project to refurbish street lighting in their region using EPC as a source of the innovative financing mechanism. Thanks to the PROSPECT peer-to-peer mentoring program, they were able to share this experience with the Municipality of Loures, Portugal. In this article, we go back through their common learning experience.