How cities go from funding to innovative financing? Valladolid city, mentor in PROSPECT, sharing experience at EUROCITIES annual conference.

In your city, municipality, you have so many projects you need to implement and finding the resources is not always easy. H2020 PROSPECT is bringing together experts from cities, municipalities and regions in a peer to peer, in order to learn from each other. The mentor, such as Valladolid have implemented city projects with the use of innovative financing.

Municipality of Valladolid mentoring in PROSPECT Learning Cycle 3

The Mentor ‘Municipality of Valladolid (ES)’ and Mentees ‘OESTECIM (PO)’, ‘Municipality of Dobrich (BG)’, ‘Municipality of Igoumenitsa (GR)’, 'REA North (CRO)' ‘Municipality of Mantova (IT)’ and ‘Municipality of Vaslui (RO)’ will participate in the 3rd Cycle of the PROSPECT Learning Programme, constituting the 2nd Group for Transport. The peer learning activities will be focalised on H2020. +Mentors' Corner

5th March 2020, Wels, Austria, in the context of the European Energy Efficiency Conference and the World Sustainable Energy Days

"Green financing: unlocking the local energy transition"

New tool supporting local authorities in selecting the most suitable financing scheme to implement for local sustainable energy and climate project investments!