Join this webinar and learn from the experience of PROSPECT participants and fellow public authorities on the funding of sustainable transport.

With this first of a series of calls on the topic of Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods (PED/PEN), JPI Urban Europe invites transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral communities of researchers and practitioners to create projects with focus on:

In #h2020PROSPECT we organise and facilitate a 6- month long learning program. Mentors and mentees need to apply well in advance, matched with each other and attend online sessions before they get to go to a physical visit.

Those visits offer the opportunity for deeper exchange, see how in practice the solution has been implemented. At the end of March 2020, a PROSPECT physical meeting was supposed to take place in London Borough of Croydon. Instead, the PROSPECT facilitator, Bernadett Köteles-Degrendele (EUROCITIES) was in her home in Belgium; the mentee, Dionysis Kouvelas from the municipality of Messini was in his home in Greece and the mentor stayed in Croydon. This way, the learning opportunity was not lost.

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In the PROSPECT H2020 project we have examined the needs for success at the project start and now we would like to update and validate what the key factors are for green financing to become a reality. If you are working for a city/municipality or region, we would love to hear your opinion on the subject.