Don't miss the PROSPECT Energy Talks event, organised in the context of EUSEW 2019!

The PROSPECT programme is developing a large-scale peer to peer programme for local authorities engaged in their sustainable energy transition with the aim of helping them moving away from a subsidised system to innovative financing schemes.

We would like to share the first outcomes of the project, inspire cities to join the last learning cycle and get public servants to talk to their peers who are already energy leaders in their community.

In June 2019, PROSPECT partners would have completed 2 full learning cycles with a dozen mentors and 80+ cities, regions and energy agencies as mentees.

The presentation will

- showcase the work of our mentors: the most successful experiences in financing the energy transition

- share the outcomes of the learning cycles and the feedback from cities

-  discuss the benefits of the peer learning experience

All the projects implemented by the PROSPECT participants are aiming at saving energy, reducing bills, retaining money locally and creating local employment opportunities. The benefits for society are a more sustainable city able to invest in its buildings, its infrastructures and its services to provide a better living environment and a place in which people want to stay and build a community. The PROSPECT programme provides peer to peer learning opportunities for cities willing to invest in 

- their public buildings, usually the ones also used by the citizens such as schools or sports facilities.

- street lighting to provide a safer, efficient and more sustainable environment for citizens while being cost effective for the municipality

- residential buildings: examples from PROSPECT mentors are usually these one-stop-shops for citizens who are facing challenges in carrying out a home renovation and are looking for independent advice and support on finding financing opportunities to go for a comprehensive retrofitting of their home

- cleaner transport, providing a better service for citizens while reducing the air pollution.

The innovation lies with the financing schemes presented and the commitment from these public "energy leaders". These people actually took the leap, invested time and energy to understand how they could do better for their community. There is no technology here but PROSPECT demonstrate how motivated people can do better for their community, create local opportunities and even inspire their peers outside of their countries.

Additional Information:

  • Tuesday 18 June 16.30 - 17.00
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • R√©sidence Palace
  • Energy Talks, Energy Talk