Our new library is out of the ordinary! Libraries are definitely not boring, and the Library page of the PROSPECT website is a proof of it. In it you will find useful information related with “Good Practices” of the sustainable energy and climate action plans, a “Mentors Corner” with detailed descriptions about the mentees’ projects and the “Participants Database” where you can find more detail information about all the PROSPECT participants and more information.


In case you want to know more about successful examples of PROSPECT projects, Good Practices is the section that you are looking for. Best practices are divided in three blocks: public buildings, private buildings and public lighting, so you can delve into the most interesting topic for you.

The Mentors Corner provides detailed information on the mentoring program, designed for creating a relationship between the Mentors and the Mentee beneficial for both. Thus, in this section you can check all the Mentors their concerning the learning module of the group, the innovative financing schemes covered by the sessions, as well as the type of the learning activities (peer mentoring or study visit).

Data concerning any participant of the PROSPECT Learning project is found in Participants Database, such as the names of the cities from learning cycle 1 + 2, the links to the respective groups pages and good practices projects. As well as the respective information related to their peer learning activities.

The purpose of it is that you can find the fundamental guidelines, necessary in order to start working in projects related with sustainable energy and climate action plans. Information is power and PROSPECT is here to help!