A new PROSPECT scientific paper, titled “Α City Capability Assessment Framework Focusing on Planning, Financing and Implementing Sustainable Energy Projects” has now been published in Sustainability , by Niki-Artemis Spyridaki (UPRC -TEESlab), Nikos Kleanthis (UPRC -TEESlab), Dimitra Tzani (UPRC -TEESlab), Mia Dragović Matosović (IEECP), Alexandros Flamos (UPRC -TEESlab).

This paper proposes an integrated methodology for developing a City Capability Assessment Framework focusing on city planning, financing, and implementation capacity for SE projects. A principal component analysis (PCA) was applied to the results of a European city-survey to uncover areas highly relevant for the successful implementation of local SE projects. The insights gained aid policymakers to better understand implementation barriers, leading to the development of more effective actions and policy interventions towards the implementation of SE projects. The proposed framework can further enhance cities’ efforts with the implementation of local SE projects and guide potential investors to properly evaluate city capabilities and potential, when choosing local investment projects.

You can read more about the publication here