Community of Practice


Everyone who would like to learn more about the innovative financing instruments and examples of successful projects at their own pace can join our Community of Practice!


The Members of the Community of Practice (CoP) join various online meetings and webinars where they hear and talk about the most interesting examples of best practices from PROSPECT+ mentors and mentees and invited guests. They also have an opportunity to share their experience and contribute to the policy feedback, in order to bring attention to the difficulties and needs affecting public authorities when they use innovative financing instruments.

Why join the Community of Practice?

Interested in innovative financing and looking project success stories or happy to share your experience? Since we launched the CoP, we've fostered enriching online discussions and established a collaboration space.

What role can you have in our Community of Practice?

• Active: for those members who would like to take an active part in discussions, share their organisation's experience and provide input to policy feedback.
• Observer: for those who would like to participate in webinars and receive information on best-practices.
• Expert: for those who would like to provide expert input on the application of innovative financing instruments or policy context.

What can you expect?

Online meetings only for the registered members

Our meetings are tailored to the feedback and best practices of our mentors, mentees, and facilitators. These exclusive sessions available only to the registered CoP members occasionally open doors to guest presenters or observers.


Replication webinars

These events focus on showcasing the most relevant best practices across all thematic areas PROSPECT+ covers. They're less interactive, focusing more on knowledge dissemination and promoting the best practice examples we have gathered from our mentors.


Policy dialogue

We strive to ensure that recommendations and concerns from public authorities reach decision-makers, paving the way for improved policy incentives and conditions, and fostering interest in innovative financing instruments for climate and energy. CoP members are regularly consulted so that those who can make a difference understand the needs and are regularly updated. Learn more about our Policy dialogue here.


Collaboration Space

As a PROSPECT+ CoP member, you'll gain access to a dedicated area on the Eurocities Collaboration Platform for sharing, commenting, and networking. This is also how CoP members access recordings of all meetings. This platform is available only to representatives of public institutions.



Innovative Financing Ambassadors

 We invite all our mentors and mentees who have participated in the full Learning Cycles to become PROSPECT+ Innovative Financing Ambassadors. They will promote in their country broader discussions on the use of innovative financing instruments to accelerate climate action (click here to learn more)


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