Community of Practice


Everyone who would like to learn more about the innovative financing instruments and examples of successful projects at their own pace can join our Community of Practice!

Members of the Community of Practice (CoP) will be invited to join various online meetings and webinars where they will be able to hear and talk about the most interesting examples of best practices from PROSPECT+ mentors and mentees. They will also have an opportunity to contribute to the policy feedback, in order to bring attention to the difficulties and needs affecting public authorities when they select innovative financing instruments for their projects.

What is the PROSPECT+ Community of Practice?

We are setting up the Community of Practice (CoP) to establish a community of like-minded local and regional authorities willing to support each other through exchange of best practices and consultations. The CoP will help them face the challenges brought by climate change and the increasingly demanding reduction targets requiring accelerated efforts towards energy transformation.

The topics discussed under the Community of Practice will take into account the priorities, best practices and barriers identified across the mentor-mentee groups. We also hope to trigger cooperation between local and regional authorities that can continue after the project ends!  

The ambition:

We want to allow any public body (incl. municipalities, cities, regions, energy agencies) to access recommendations and best practices identified as part of the project’s main activities. We also want to allow local and regional authorities to contribute to discussions with key players through policy dialogue aimed at optimising conditions for broader use of innovative implementation models by cities, municipalities and regions across the EU.

What are the options to participate in our Community of Practice?

• Active: for those members who would like to take an active part in discussions, share their organisation's experience and provide input to policy feedback.
• Observer: for those who would like to participate in webinars and receive information on best-practices.
• Expert: for those who would like to provide expert input on the application of innovative financing instruments or policy context.

What can you expect when you sign up?

Online meetings only for the registered members

The meetings on the 5 thematic areas will respond to identified needs, feedback and best practices discussed across all learning groups and learning cycles, based on feedback from the mentors, mentees and our facilitators.

The meetings will be open to representatives of local and regional authorities and their agencies (other registered CoP members may be invited as guest presenters or observers).


Replication webinars

Those events will promote the most relevant best practices across all thematic areas identified towards the final stages of the four learning cycles.

The main difference between the replication webinars and the online CoP meetings for the registered members will be the number and variety of attendees and the less interactive character (focus on passing on the knowledge rather than on brainstorming).


Policy dialogue

We want to ensure that the public authorities’ recommendations and concerns reach decision-makers and contribute to further improvement of policy incentives and relevant conditions needed to increase interest in other-than-subsidies financing instruments for climate and energy.

We will bring together local authorities with various groups of stakeholders (e.g., representatives of the EU institutions, national governments, the private sector including investors). Policy dialogue webinars will assist also the EU and national organisations by showcasing that local and regional authorities can successfully carry out climate action if they can count on effective incentives that support shifting municipal budgets to the areas where private funding is not available.

We will also regularly gather contributions from the CoP members into policy briefs that will be shared with decision-makers.


A collaboration space for PROSPECT+ CoP members

PROSPECT+ eligible participants will receive access to the dedicated area on the Eurocities Collaboration Platform, set up for ongoing sharing, commenting and networking.

With a PROSPECT+ pass, you will have the opportunity to:

• identify common priorities,
• investigate opportunities to work on joint projects,
• contribute input to policy briefs,
• share and benefit from the CoP members’ discussions on the members-only platform,
• access recordings of the CoP meetings (in order to share them with your colleagues or re-watch them when most convenient).


Innovative Financing Ambassadors

All our mentors and mentees will be invited to become PROSPECT+ Innovative Financing Ambassadors in order to engage more public authorities in their countries in the debate on the broader use of innovative financing instruments to accelerate climate action.


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